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5 Habits Every Golfer Should Develop

When learning how to play golf, or even practicing to become better, golfers can crave the instant satisfaction of improving their swing or lowering their handicap. The truth is, however, that becoming a better golfer takes time and patience. The success of your golf game can be based on decisions that golfers make during every practice or competition. These decisions that are consistently made are called habits. We have compiled a list of what we here at the Indian River Golf foundation feel are 5 important habits that every golfer should develop to improve their attitude and game.

  1. Being Honest

Golf differs from other sports in the way that players regularly keep track of their own score and call penalties on themselves. It is a game of honesty and trust for all players who love and respect the sport. Developing the habit of being honest is not only beneficial in the game of golf but in the game of life as well. Accepting the truth of the situation, no matter how the individual played is something that can bring the golf community together and provide something in common for all players. All golfers should want their scores to accurately reflect their accomplishments. In this way, golfers can see their true improvements in the game.

  1. Continually Work On Fundamentals

Inconsistency can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a golfers game. Inconsistency can be caused by poor technique. For beginner golfers, it can be easier to build a solid golf swing using the fundamentals of the game versus golfers who have had more experience playing. More experienced players may have years of ingrained habits that aren’t beneficial to their game. Good players understand how the foundation of the game is built on it’s fundamentals. Making a commitment to the following fundamentals can include the consistent practices of:

  • The setup position
  • A great swing
  • The Short Game
  • Practice Techniques
  1. Reviewing Golf Performance

The common phrase that practice makes perfect is well-known for a reason. Most golfers who are serious about the sport are always looking for ways to improve their game. A great habit to get into when playing is recording their golf statistics when playing. When golfers get into the habit of tracking their stats during their game, they can better identify what they may be doing incorrectly. Recognizing the weaker aspects of their game can help them figure out a better way of practicing and honing in their skills. Golfers may be able to review their performance by:

  • Tracking golf game data
  • Noting the statistics of fairway hits
  • Tracking greens in regulation (GIR)
  • Nothing key stats of the short game
  • Tracking the number of putts per round
  1. Controlling Nerves When Under Pressure

If the nerves begin to creep in while under pressure during a game or competition, knowing how to relax so that the overall golf game isn’t affected is a great habit for every level golfer to learn. It is inevitable for an individual to feel the pressure rising when facing a challenge or simply when mastering new golf techniques. Getting into the habit of becoming more self-aware and learning how to control emotions can turn negative thoughts during the game into positive ones. Golfers can curb their nervousness in a multitude of ways which include:

  • Taking long deep breaths
  • Using visualization 
  • Living in the moment
  1. Solidifying Pre and Post Routines

Taking the time to solidify golf pre and post routines can be a very crucial habit for golfers to learn for success in the game. Practicing these routines will prepare all levels of golfers to best prepare them for moving through the right swing sequence and shot. Practice only makes perfect if the practice involves the correct motions and routines, which is why it is important to reinforce the habit of both pre and post routines. Keeping focus on the routine itself can also act like a positive distraction to any nerves that the game may bring. Keep in mind that some of the top golfers around the world will practice their pre and post shot routines which is part of what makes them so successful.

Practice With The Indian River Golf Foundation

Here at Indian River Golf Foundation, IRGF, we offer mentor golf which provides players with guidance on the course. The purpose of this year-round program is to encourage the high-level of development of each and every golfer. We will teach the procedures that are outlined in the USGA Rules of Golf Booklet. Mentors of this division may be members of the IRGF, PGA or tour professional staff. To contact us for further information, you can call us at (772) 713-9593 or send us an email to [email protected].

IRGF Vision Statement

The vision of the Indian River Golf Foundation is to bring new players to the game and enhance the pleasure of long-time golfers, regardless of skill, by creating a safe, affordable, and enriching experience in the game of golf. The Foundation provides consistent and dependable leadership and often coordinates community support for the advancement of golf in Indian River County, Florida, and beyond. For more information about IRGF’s vision statement, please contact Roger Van Dyke, Founder and President of IRGF via email at [email protected] or by phone at (772) 713-9593.

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