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Golf Etiquette: An Introduction

Golfers showing each other great golf etiquette.

Here at The Indian River Golf Foundation, we believe that having integrity, perseverance, and proper etiquette is at the heart of the game of golf. Etiquette encompasses the rules of what players should and shouldn’t do. Imagine how respectful the game would be if everyone were to practice proper etiquette on the course. Below is an introduction to having courtesy and good etiquette on the course.

No Devices on the Course

As a general rule of etiquette in more places than just on the course, avoid bringing any communication devices, including phones, pagers, and watches. If any devices come onto the course and happen to made sounds, it can distract your fellow players and create tension between players. When you’re on the course, enjoy the game and leave the office behind.

Keep an Even Temper

Have you ever seen players throw their clubs or yell and scream? It doesn’t leave a good impression on anyone around them. Instead of losing your peers’ respect, try to improve your attitude on the green even when you’re not doing well. Not only will having a positive attitude allow other players to respect you, but it can improve your golf game as well.

Yelling ‘Fore’

One of the most considerate things to do during a round of golf is to yell ‘Fore’ when your ball seems to be heading in the direction of other players. If you’re the one directly in the way, do your best to take cover or move out of the way of the shot.

Drive the Golf Cart Responsibly

For the course’s safety, your peers, and yourself, drive the golf carts as respectfully as possible. You want to be careful not to cause any damage to the course. Leaving any skid marks due to your driving is a big no-no in terms of having good golf etiquette.

Clean up the Bunkers

We understand that nobody likes being in the bunker. Getting your ball out will be the top priority, so we expect that golfers might move around the sand to get the best shot. To be respectful, rake the bunker after you have hit the ball. This way, you are leaving it as lovely as it was before.

Practice Etiquette at IRGF

At IRGF, we are golfers, teachers, and friends. If you’re interested in learning more about golf etiquette or our foundation in Indian River County, please contact Roger Van Dyke, the Founder and President of IRGF, via email at [email protected] or by phone at (772) 713-9593.

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