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A Golf Driver With An Orange Ball On A Golf Course.

Driving Straight: How to Hit a Ball With a Driver

A golf driver with an orange ball on a golf course.

Many golfers, regardless of their experience level, struggle with driving a ball straight on the green. A driver is a powerful tool, and if used correctly, it can drastically assist players on the green, helping them hit long-distance shots in a short amount of time.

Indian River Golf Foundation works closely with golfers around the Space Coast, helping them perfect their aim and driving distance. We understand that it can seem challenging to learn new golf strategies at first, so our team of golfing experts and trainers is here to help.

The Importance of Driving

In golf, using a driver is a skill that many golfers have trouble with daily. Driving might seem easy, as it involves hitting the ball a long distance in a short time. 

In reality, driving requires a high degree of accuracy, which players need to master before getting the perfect shot.

Once players position themselves correctly, they should have an easier time driving the ball. Stance and accuracy are the names of the game when driving.

Having an accurate, confident swing can help players drive the ball where they need it to go. This additional step helps to give players the accuracy they need to improve their game.

Every time a drive occurs, it makes hitting another golf shot easier. It also helps players learn how their ball will behave in different weather conditions, making driving more accurate and consistent.

The more driving practice one has, the less complicated it becomes over time. This simple practice can make teeing off at every hole much easier on the mind and body of any golfer looking to improve their game.

Here are just a few of the ways that driving is essential to the game of golf:

  • It allows the ball to traverse long distances in a short amount of time.
  • It allows the player to complete a course in fewer shots.
  • It gives players the ability to control the path a ball takes.
  • It takes less time than hitting a ball at an average length.
  • It can help improve a player’s aim and accuracy.
  • It can help the player improve their score.

As you can see, the driver is a critical tool that golfers can utilize to improve their game. Our team understands that the power behind the driver can sometimes intimidate new players. We recommend working with a professional golfer or trainer to help improve your driving confidence as soon as possible.

Steps for Improving Your Drive

When many people set up their drive, they don’t realize the accuracy and aim required. Most people whack the ball as hard as they can, expecting it to reach their target. 

In most cases, this does not occur because the player hasn’t properly aimed their ball. Aiming is a significant aspect of golf that many people tend to forget when they drive the ball.

A golfer should not only visualize where their shot should go but also plan it. Taking these additional steps can help golfers guide the ball where it needs to travel. These additional steps can provide golfers with the tools they need to improve their game quickly.

Thankfully, the Indian River Golf Foundation is here to help golfers learn the strategies they need to master their swing.

We’ve provided some tips for players to get started below:
  1. Tee the ball in a high position.
  2. Stand with the ball aligned to your left toe.
  3. Practice a wide stance.
  4. Grip the top of the club.
  5. Lift the club up and back.
  6. Shift your weight onto your right foot.
  7. Swing the club.

Driving, like any other aspect of golf, requires a great deal of patience and determination. We recommend practicing a lot so that you can gradually improve your golfing strategy. Learning the rules is one thing, but applying them is a bit different. With the proper instruction, a golfer can turn their drive from good to great.

How To Apply These Steps to Your Game

In golf, practice makes perfect. While practicing alone is fine, golfers should learn their skills the right way first. Incorrectly learning skills can lead to a golfer developing a bad habit. For example, if a golfer learns to aim incorrectly, it might take a lot of effort to undo this behavior.

While these steps might sound challenging to tackle alone, we recommend getting a trainer or teacher to make the learning process even more effective. For students that do not have an instructor, we recommend filming your angle and swing velocity.

Filming yourself on a phone or tablet can show golfers their posture, providing them with the tools they need to improve their game. Having an objective view of the many aspects of golf is a great way to improve your swing drastically.

As long as a golfer has a way to review their form or aim, they can prevent developing bad posture or techniques. Once a golfer has mastered the skills above with the correct posture and aim, they can feel confident that they will perform well on the green.

Learning With Tutorials and Online Instructors

The world is growing more and more digital over the years, which has helped golfers improve their skills tremendously. Golfers can watch their favorite PGA Professionals tee up, learning proper form and posture while they are at it.

Also, if a player can’t afford a coach or teacher, many tutorial videos are on the Internet. At Indian River Golf, we still recommend finding an instructor, as their advice is specific to the player and can help develop the skills necessary to play golf.

Practicing with an instructor will help ensure that results are seen sooner rather than later. We recommend driving at least once per week or more if time allows.

An active driver and proper aim help complete the golf swing and boost driving power to hit the ball farther and straighter!

By driving your body weight correctly through impact, you can drive the ball further down the fairway. Driving increases accuracy and driving distance, ultimately improving your overall score during competition play!

Learn More With Indian River Golf Foundation

If you’re excited to get on the course and perfect your putt, contact the Indian River Golf Foundation. We would love to help you tee up!

If you have any questions about our organization or our programs, feel free to call at (772) 713-9593 or reach out via email. 

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