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3 Tips to Increase Your Drive Distance

Many golfers are intimidated by the driver. Some players get anxious when they step up to the tee, whereas others are too cocky. Both of these mindsets can end up driving the ball anywhere but where the player wants it to go.

Professional golfers make hitting straight drives look easy. When many golfers approach the tee for the first time, they are unsure how to hit a driver best. 

Many make the mistake of hitting too hard, which can lead the ball well past the hole. Sometimes, an incorrect drive can put the ball in the sand trap or the trees, so it is vital to have a good driving technique.

Grip and stance are essential for developing a good drive. By practicing the fundamentals, a golfer can learn how to control the ball well enough to hit consistent drives every time. 

What is Driving? 

Driving is a type of golf shot, typically made by a driver from the tee box. This type of shot travels very long distances and gets a player closer to the putting green. A well-aimed drive should bring the ball down the fairway and into the putting green. 

Since driving is long-distance, having an excellent aim is essential for a successful drive. A bad aim can send the ball off course, placing it in a sand trap or other obstacle. 

Driving is essential because:
  • It sends the ball a great distance
  • Can save time on the course
  • Can drastically improve the score

Driving is an important skill to master in the world of golf. A good drive can make or break any player’s game, which is why it is so essential to practice drive and shot consistency. Once a player understands the fundamentals of drive, they will be on the road to improving their score in no time!

3 Ways to Improve Drive

There are many ways a player can practice to improve drive. These methods give players more control over their game, allowing them to perform better on the field. 

Driving is a great way to improve overall performance on the green. To help players better understand how to drive, we’ve gathered up 3 of our favorite tips to improve drive. These tips should help new and old players alike find their foundation. 

1. Practice the Fundamentals 

The fundamentals are so important because they follow players throughout their careers. Correctly learning these fundamental skills can improve the score and help players develop more consistent strategies for performance. 

Some of the essential golf fundamentals include:
  • Grip
  • Swing
  • Posture
  • Aim

These elements of golf might seem elementary to some players, but they are critical. A player should seriously monitor these fundamentals in their day-to-day play, as they can enhance performance.

Swing, aim, players should master posture and grip before moving on to other aspects of golf. We recommend learning these basics so that driving distance can massively improve. 

These elements all combine to help a player properly aim and hit the ball. 

Learning the incorrect methods could have unintended consequences on game performance. For example, players that have not practiced their swing might not have a consistent angle when they play. 

While having a consistent swing angle might not seem important, it is an essential factor to golf. Professional players usually tend to practice their swing before setting foot on the green. 

By extensively practicing swing and perfecting swing angle, golfers can better predict where the ball will travel when they hit it. This strategy allows players to visualize the ball’s path from all angles, even before it leaves the tee. 

Learning the fundamentals is critical for predicting drive distance. Learning them can increase total distance and land any shot closer to the hole.

2. Go to a Driving Range

Visiting the driving range is an excellent way to perfect driving distance. This type of practice is usually inexpensive, and it allows players to perfect their driving distance with little to no interruptions. 

While some players recommend simulations or launch monitors, these accessories can be expensive for some players. A driving range is a much cheaper alternative to this method, giving players the ability to improve their game for as long as they need. 

The driving range can help players:
  • Learn how far they can drive the ball
  • Visualize their swing angle
  • Perfect their grip and stance
  • Try various strategies for better play

The driving range is an excellent way to view a player’s strategy from an objective standpoint. It gives players the unique opportunity to perfect the fundamental techniques of golf by focusing on their performance at the tee. All players need to improve their game is a bucket of golf balls and some time at the driving range.

3. Create a Pre-Drive Strategy

When professional golfers hit the ball, they aren’t just walking up to the tee and swinging. There is a lot of calculation that goes into a hit, which many viewers don’t see when observing golf. 

While professionals make swinging look easy, their plays are a product of intense calculation. In their years of thorough practice, professionals have developed a pre-drive routine. This routine allows every drive shot to be precise in angle, speed, and distance. 

A pre-drive routine is as simple as visualizing where the ball will go. At every part of the swing, a player should be conscious of where the ball will head once the club connects. Players of all skill levels can benefit from visualizing the ball throughout the swing and the buildup. These pre-swing techniques can drastically improve shot performance.

Some strategies a player can use in their pre-swing routine include:
  • Taking practice swings before actually hitting the ball
  • Visualize the target at different points in the swing
  • Practice aiming the club toward where the ball should travel
  • Accurately determine where the ball will go when standing near it
  • Grip the club confidently and visualize how this will impact swing distance
  • Remember aim techniques and how they impacted shot distance

While these steps are not comprehensive, they can help a player improve their confidence on the green. These steps also remind players of the importance of golf fundamentals, as they are relevant from the tee to the fairway. 

The best way to incorporate a routine into a golf swing is to practice. Whether a player prefers to get on the green right away or practice at a driving range, practice is a great way to get acclimated to these new strategies.

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