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Golf Education and Competition

Introduction to Player Progression Flow Charts

As youth players advance from elementary school through middle school into high school with an eye and heart on collegiate golf, the IRGF recommends a pattern of progression from one phase to the next. You are encouraged to endorse and follow this plan. This is illustrated within the following FLOW CHARTS for each phase of Player Development.

Scholarships – IRGF Entry Level & Advancing Players

Entry Fee scholarships are available on an as-need basis for any player participating in IRGF events. All that is required is a telephone call, text or e-mail message of inquiry and expressing need. Following this discussion, the IRGF will determine the amount of the scholarship.

In all IRGF events, siblings pay ½ of the regular price of the activity.

Scholarships – Higher Level Tournaments Beyond the IRGF

Entry Fee and Travel Expense scholarships are available for players participating in high level tournaments beyond the IRGF. These amount up to $600 per year and paid in increments up to $200 per tournament. See the following for details

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf – Treasure Coast Chapter

LPGA Professional Melanie Mark – Site Director
The LPGA*USGA – Treasure Coast Chapter is operated under the umbrella of the Indian River Golf Foundation and conducts 6 events per year. The following is a sample of these events:

Challenge the Pro/Putt for Dough Golf Skills Experience

…..then GO PLAY 9 or 6 holes

Turkey Trot Golf Tournament – in conjunction with the Atlantic
Junior Golf Tour – Turkey Shoot
18 – 9 – 6 Hole Divisions

Annual Alma Lee Loy TEAM Challenge
Adult Tournament serving as a fundraiser for Girls Golf
Golf Shot Exhibition for Girl Golfers

Introduction to DRIVE – CHIP – PUTT
Preparing for Local Qualifying
Advancing to National Competition

Introduction to U.S. Women’s Open Theme
Players experience on-course situations made famous

Annual LPGA*USGA Girls Golf TEAM Challenge
18 – 9 – 6 Hole Divisions

How To Get Registerd For An Event?

You can book for the event from Calendar. The steps to be followed for Booking process are as follow:

  1. Click on the event you want to get registered,
  2. Confirm the type of ticket you want to get registered for,
  3. Confirm your year of graduation,
  4. Click on “Register For The Event” button,
  5. After that you will be redirected to the checkout page,
  6. Fill out the information needed and select the type of payment method,
  7. That’s it you will be notified when your booking is confirmed.
For Additional Information, Contact:

Indian River Golf Foundation

Jim DiMarzo, Pro-Am Chairman
Indian River Golf Foundation

Roger Van Dyke, President
Indian River Golf Foundation
(772) 713-9593

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