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Golf Pitching Wedge Tips to Improve Your Short Game

Are you looking to improve your short game? If so, you need to start using a pitching wedge. This golf club can help you make shots from around the green that will leave you with an easy putt. In this blog post, the Indian River Golf Foundation will discuss some golf pitching wedge tips for effectively using your pitching wedge. We’ll also provide some helpful drills that you can use to improve your skills. So, if you’re ready to take your short game to the next level, keep reading!

What is a pitching wedge?

A pitching wedge is a golf club that hits shots from around the green. It has a loft of between 46 and 48 degrees, which makes it one of the highest-lofted clubs in a golfer’s bag. You typically use pitching wedges for shots that are between 50 and 120 yards from the hole.

What are the characteristics of a pitching wedge?

Pitching wedges are designed for accuracy and control rather than distance. They have a shorter shaft than other clubs, which makes them easier to control. The club’s head is also heavier than other clubs, which helps golfers get more spin on the ball.

What are some good golf pitching wedge tips?

There are a few things that you can do to hit better shots with your pitching wedge. Our golf pitching wedge tips:

  • First, make sure that you have the correct loft for your club. If you’re unsure, ask a golf pro or look at our blog post on choosing the right golf clubs.
  • Second, focus on making clean contact with the ball. Many golfers try to hit the ball too hard, which often leads to thin or fat shots.
  • Third, make sure you’re using the proper grip. The most common grip for a pitching wedge is the interlocking grip, but you may also use a baseball or shoulder-high grip.
  • Finally, practice your shots. The more you practice, the better you’ll be at hitting your pitching wedge.

Golf Pitching Wedge Tips in detail

Weight forward

You should take a narrower stance on a full swing and keep the weight slightly more—around 60 percent—on your front foot. You should remain in that position throughout your swing rather than swaying back and forth as with other clubs. This stance also helps the club come down at a fractionally steeper angle to create ball-then-turf impact for crisp contact and added spin control.

Three-Quarters back and through

You don’t need to swing your pitching wedge flat-out to achieve great results. It’s more important to focus on accuracy and distance control rather than pure distance. If you need to hit it further, try using a club with more loft! The key is to think of the pitching wedge swing as a pendulum. Make a smooth backswing, taking the club back until it’s three-quarter length. Then follow through until the club reaches three-quarter length again.

We think the best way to pitch is by keeping it simple. You could work on various backswing lengths to hit the ball at different distances, but remember – you have other clubs that will probably allow you to hit different distances more easily. So perhaps limit it to two different swing lengths: a three-quarter shot in which the arms swing back and through to a similar length, and then maybe a half shot in which it is only the club that swings from horizontal.

Grip down for more control

Another excellent method to increase the sense of control rather than remove it is to grip the club tighter than usual. At address, this will bring the ball closer to you and offer you much-needed precision in your effort for perhaps par-saving accuracy.

Stay connected

With a pitching wedge, as with any other swing, there’s a danger of getting caught up in the arms and hands. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work since, just like any other swing, the motion is best when everything – torso, arms, and shoulders – are linked and work together.

When one element in your swing starts to move independently, such as hyperactive hands, an accentuated arm lift, or a rapid shoulder turn, it will significantly influence the path of the club and how you present it to the ball. Pitching is most effective when the shoulders, upper body, and arms are linked; therefore, everything moves backward and forward through the ball.

Improve your pitching wedge striking

Flicking at it with the hands is a common problem with pitching wedge shots. This simple drill will aid in compressing the ball against the turf and getting it flying up the clubface, resulting in more power and control. Place a tee peg in the ground behind the ball for reference. Aim to just brush past it with your club if you hit on that side. A little extra weight on your left side will help you achieve a slightly steeper backswing and downswing, which is necessary to generate that.

Learn more Golf pitching wedge tips at the Indian River Golf Foundation

We hope you enjoyed our golf pitching wedge tips! Whether you’re a veteran golfer or just starting out, there’s something for everyone at the Indian River Golf Foundation. We have the facilities, equipment, and mentors to help anyone practice to be their best golfer, regardless of skill level. The Indian River Golf Foundation welcomes children and adults to learn more about golf and share in this healthy and educational activity. Contact us today!

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