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Steps of Progress

At Indian River Golf Foundation, we are believers in the idea of golf being a sport that everyone can rally around as a community together. Our community outreach programs have been very successful and have led to children’s growth across the entire Indian River County area.

Through golf, we have not only been able to teach these children good values but have also been able to allow them to experience social interaction and growth. The idea of growth is one of the critical lessons we look to impart in our young players.

When children arrive at Indian River Golf Foundation, they typically do with the intention of having fun and learning how to play. We aim to create this environment through our lessons. An example of some steps our players might go through.

  • They will start off receiving assistance from our staff
  • Eventually, these young players will be assisting other new youths
  • They’ll be allowed to go out on their own
  • Eventually, they’ll be working side-by-side with our staff. Their person and leader

We have a general path that we put our players on to turn them into the next generation’s leaders. 

Step 1

Here we can see one of our older players and IRGF cadet teaching a young player the ins and outs of traditional golf on the putting green. You see here that they’re in the very early stages of their lessons and are under the guidance and leadership that our team offers.

Step 2

That same young player from earlier is now an IRGF cadet himself, and he is assisting young players in a game of snag golf. He has transitioned from a follower to a leader himself. Utilizing leadership skills, he’s learned with IRGF.

Step 3:

The IRGF cadet is now taking responsibility and cleaning up after the training session. He has gone from being taught traditional golf lessons to a young trainer to someone who stands independently.

Step 4:

Finally, we have that same young cadet standing next to the original IRGF player cadet who was initially teaching them traditional golf, from teacher to equals. They work together to clean up snag golf equipment following a training session.

We Teach Leadership Skills

This exercise may look like nothing more than a young player learning how to clean up after themselves and teach another player, but what we see here is a young person learning valuable leadership skills that they will utilize for the rest of their life.

Children are impressionable, which is the time of their lives where they can be a sponge for learning new skills. At Indian River Golf Foundation, we like to have fun and play a round of golf, but we also want to make sure that all that fun is built with a learning foundation. By the end of these courses, our young cadets are natural-born leaders ready to take on the rest of the world. 

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