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IRGF Player Assistance Scholarship Program

Leading the Way to Player Development

Since its inception, the Indian River Golf Foundation has offered participation fee scholarships to boys and girls offsetting costs that would otherwise prevent youth from participating. All that is required is a telephone call. It is important to note, however, IRGF scholarships are not for just those with financial challenges. IRGF scholarships are available to ALL youth regardless of socioeconomic status, culture, gender, age, or golf skills. The key ingredient to advancing youth golf is COMMITMENT, PERSEVERANCE, and AFFORDABILITY. From there it is up to you in order to get the necessary skills for a golf scholarship.  

More recently, IRGF scholarships are utilized in ways ALL youth players and parents should know.  These scholarships have been established to:

1)  Recognize achievement of those demonstrating a balance of golf skills and life skills.

2)  Encourage advancing youth players to keep reaching for advanced level competitions leading to higher-level participation at the high school and possible collegiate level.

Tournaments beyond the IRGF, such as the South Florida PGA Junior Tour, Florida Junior Tour, and American Junior Golf Association (AJGA) carry an added financial burden that can turn players and parents away from participation.  Rather than families of this level of advancing players shoulder the entire cost of higher entry fees, travel, lodging, and meals, the IRGF is ready to fund 50% of entry fees based upon the criteria listed below and the frequency of playing in higher-level tournaments.

Qualified IRGF players may earn up to $600 annually in IRGF scholarships in a new program to encourage advancement.  Criteria for being eligible are the following:

1)  Academic Achievement – requires presenting periodically updated school transcripts to the IRGF

2)  Past/Current Participation in the Atlantic Junior Golf Tour

3)  Participation in higher-level tournaments beyond the IRGF.

4)  Provide proof of expenses related to travel, lodging, and meals listed above in paragraph three.

Eligible players will receive increments of $200 to be paid upon:

1)  Presentation of updated school transcript,
2)  Submitting current year schedule of higher level of tournaments to be played,
3)  Including copies of receipts (verifying proof of participation).

The IRGF encourages scholarship recipients to embrace their responsibility to the game, especially giving back by helping to bring new players to the game while encouraging current and future teammates.

The IRGF requests players keep us informed as they move towards establishing themselves as players and being a part of a new generation of golf leaders.


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Connect with us online if you want to start joining us for a fun day of golf or if you have any questions for us about our scholarship and any other golf scholarship. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for company news and event information!

For additional information, contact:

Roger Van Dyke, Founder/President
Indian River Golf Foundation
PGA Life Master Professional
(772) 713-9593