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Three Men Are Enjoying A Round Of Golf.

For The Love of Golf

Ever wonder how golf got its name or why so many individuals have a deep passion for this sport? Read on to learn a brief history of this game and three of the benefits this sport offers its players. A Brief History of Golf Finding its origins in ancient Rome around 100 BCE, golf has evolved over the years. In China during the Song Dynasty (960 CE - 1279 CE), one can find another version of this great game. Although the idea for this game dates back to ancient times, the modern version traces back to Scotland in the 1400s. Scotts love this game so much that the Scottish Parliament, in 1457, banned the game. The parliament thought playing "gowf" would be a distraction for their military. "Gowf" was a distraction for the men, and many would play instead of practicing skills, like archery.  In 1471 and 1491, there were more government bans of the sport "gowf." A few years after 1491, after reversing the ban, would even buy clubs and balls to play the game. Initially, the golf balls were of leather or wood craftsmanship. Moreover, people were crafting clubs out of various wood, such as apple, holly, beech, or pear. Then in 1826, hickory wood became the staple wood to create club shafts in Great Britain. After constructing the first 18-hole course in 1764 at St. Andrews, the modern version of the game took off. Also, this 18-hole course became the new standard for gameplay. The game of "gowf" spread in popularity, and the first British Open Championship took place in 1860. Later, the Professional Golfer's Association (PGA) in 1916 came about. Then, in Siwanoy Country Club in New York, the first PGA Championship game happened. 3 Benefits of Golf With the history of the game given, we can focus on why people worldwide love this game. Friends and family can spend time together golfing or watching others demonstrate their golfing skills. Youth and adults can showcase their dedication and the benefits of this great sport through championships or other competitions. There are many benefits to this game of clubs and balls, such as health, social, and personal discipline.  Benefit #1 The first benefit of this fantastic sport is it improves a person's health. It provides Vitamin D, exercise and connects individuals with nature. As studies have shown, nature positively affects a person's health. Positive effects of nature…

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