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How I Have Benefited by the IRGF

“Through the game of golf, I’ve been taught so much more than just a single sport. I implement what I’ve learned through the game in numerous ways. The focused mentality to continue to try after most would give up, the dedication towards perfecting every detail of the golf swing, and the very difficult practice of patience for the sport are continuously utilized in unique ways as I pursue my education and follow my faith.

I believe that without the game of golf to shape my very self, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. The benefits I’ve gained through nearly ten years of hard work continuously shine through who I am as a person. I’ve never been more proud to say I will always be a part of the IRGF.

As a participant in the foundation’s inaugural year, I’ve observed through many tough practices and lengthy tournaments that a golfer who pursues the loved sport under the Indian River Golf Foundation will never let an obstacle stop them from reaching for the stars. My hope for the future generations is that they never cease to learn every aspect of the game of golf and all it has to offer.”

By Tatiana Boehning (2018)