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IRGF / Friends / Manners / Fun

“After interviewing Blake the first word from his mouth was, “Friends.” We were able to recall over 35+ boys & girls, golf pros & parents that he would never have known if not for IRGF. But he said Dad, “Nick!” I wouldn’t know Nick at all & they have been best friends almost 4 yrs. They met at John’s Island Club (West Course) at skills challenge and have been inseparable since. He recalls a lot of “Epic matches & moments,” one being the hole-in-one of Nick at Quail Valley and the hard fought win of Blake over Connor Sloss at VBCC, lots of laughable moments when he was embarrassed being teamed up with other young ladies and wound up really enjoying it. He is very fond of you in the sense that you laugh & joke with him, teach him(especially the rules Blake might be a lawyer or rules official one day), & how you make him tuck his shirt in, take his hat off at the end of a match, shake hands & introduce himself.

“Manners” as he says but all very important things for kids to learn and carry with them in life. Blake mentioned that he has played every golf course twice or more in IRC but Windsor! To me that’s incredible!!! I am pretty sure that any kid in America can say they have enjoyed the premier facilities and courses that you have been able to get on.

Blake also says, “I’m going to buy Roger a new cell phone for his birthday!” Kids think their elders need the latest and greatest of tech to function I guess. But I think Blake’s biggest thing was time he’s spent with me going to events, friends, experiences on & off the course, learning the game & quality of facilities!

I can attest that he’s realizing through golf how much attitude, self discipline and dedication are in life as well.

Claiborne G Reed
[email protected]
(772) 584-0757.”

By Father Clay Reed Interview with Son Blake Reed (2026)