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Mentor Golf

Roger Van Dyke, President Indian River Golf Foundation

Mentor Golf, a new division of the Indian River Golf Foundation, has been designed to provide affordable on-course training. The purpose of the year-round program is to encourage high levels of player development. Mentors are members of the Indian River Golf Foundation (IRGF) PGA or tour professional staff. Other professionals may be PGA/LPGA guest professionals or the PGA professional at the host golf facility.

While playing nine holes of team golf with the junior players (3 to 4 junior players per group), mentors follow a prescribed program observing each individual and discussing critical points throughout the round. One player may need more input than the others in a particular area, but it is suitable for hearing good sound advice. The scheduled allotted time is 3 hours, including warm-up and wrap-up.

Affordable Golf Training On-Course

Mentor golf centers around three main themes:

  • Procedures (golf etiquette) on the golf course.
  • Swing Techniques for improved performance
  • Golf Course Management

Procedures follow the outline in the USGA Rules of Golf booklet. Swing Techniques will follow the new IRGF publication “The Great Experience of Golf,” featuring 50 color illustrations of tour professionals Sal Spallone and Jackie Stoelting. The information booklet is written by Bob Komarinetz, PGA Professional Emeritus at Sandridge Golf Club, and Roger Van Dyke, PGA Life Master Professional, with modifications recommended by area PGA LPGA professionals.

It is important to note variations of this common-ground booklet are

Mentor Golf

welcome, as there is more than one way to teach or play the game. The Golf Course Management segment recommended ways to more effectively advance the golf ball around the golf course for lower scores. This affordable golf training will help you with all aspects of the game.

Each session requires two carts, of which a parent will drive one. Players can alternate walking to comply with golf facility rules not to exceed two people per cart.

All sessions will conclude with players being encouraged to continue working on game improvement. Cadets may schedule mentor golf sessions as many times as desired.

Contact Us for Mentor Golf Fees.

Cost – $30 – Siblings – $20…..includes carts, course fees & range balls. Checks payable to the IRGF.

The Purpose of Golfing With a Mentor

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for young people to teach themselves when it comes to hobbies. Online tutorials and “Do It Yourself” tips are extremely popular in the younger age range. Even golf has younger people trying to teach themselves online.

Young people will see golfers on TV and attempt to emulate their swing in their backyard. Instead of instruction, they’ll go to the course with family and learn the course’s ethics through them. 

There is nothing wrong with learning golf this way, but it’s missing out on a critical part of the sport that cadets can only learn through instruction, and that’s the fundamentals. Self-taught golfers may know how to bang a ball long distances, but they’re missing out on the details that can take their game to a new level.

The details are where having a mentor around can be so helpful. A mentor will analyze a young golfer’s game and provide valuable feedback. This feedback can improve a swing, footwork during the process of a swing, or the general composure a golfer shows when on the course.

Respecting the Game and Oneself

A golfer is more than just the ability to hit the ball a long distance accurately. They’re someone that shows composure in frustrating situations and shows a level of respect for the game itself. 

When stepping onto the course, a young golfer should never lose their temper. Breaking or throwing clubs, shouting, or hitting a ball in anger is disrespectful not only to oneself but for the game. Anyone who truly appreciates golf would not allow their emotions to take over in such away.

With a mentor, our young golfers learn how they can adequately respect golf. They lead our young golfers by example, showing them how to conduct themselves on the course and giving the game the proper respect it deserves. These are the kinds of lessons that cadets will only learn through instructional golf.

Life Lessons in Golf

Golf is an incredible sport. Not only because it is fun to play and a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it gives out life lessons that young golfers can apply to the rest of their lives. Many of our students don’t go on to play golf professionally, but they do go off and learn how to become better, more accomplished people.


One of the most important lessons of golf is discipline. An undisciplined golfer will always struggle because they will force shots that aren’t there and grow frustrated when the perfect play isn’t right in front of them. They need the discipline to understand when it’s okay to play for the green and when they should lay up on the fairway.

Our mentors will put this discipline in their cadets, and they’ll showcase it not only on the course but in their daily lives. The lessons of discipline that cadets learn through golf can easily be applied to school and beyond. 

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Our mentor golf program allows young golfers to not only learn how to play golf but gain real-life values through sport. These golfers will learn respect, discipline, and they’ll be sure to have fun while they do it.

Sign a young golfer up today so they, too, can learn life lessons through golf. Give us a call at (772) 713-9593, or send an email to Feel free to connect with us on Facebook as well!