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Mentor Golf

Roger Van Dyke, President Indian River Golf Foundation

Mentor Golf, a new division of the Indian River Golf Foundation, has been designed to provide affordable on-course training. The purpose of the year-round program is to encourage high levels of player development. Mentors are members of the Indian River Golf Foundation (IRGF) PGA or tour professional staff. Other professionals may be PGA/LPGA guest professionals or the PGA professional at the host golf facility.

While playing 9 holes of team golf with the junior players (3 to 4 junior players per group), mentors follow a prescribed program…..observing each individual and discussing key points throughout the round. One player may need more input than the others in a particular area…..but it is good for all to hear good sound advice. Anticipated allotted time is 3 hours including warm-up and wrap-up.

Affordable Golf Training On-Course

Mentor golf will be centered around three main themes:

  1. Procedures (golf etiquette) on the golf course.
  2. Swing Techniques for improved performance
  3. Golf Course Management

Procedures follow the outline in the USGA Rules of Golf booklet. Swing Techniques will follow the new IRGF publication ….The Great Experience of Golf featuring 50 color illustrations of tour professionals Sal Spallone and Jackie Stoelting. The information booklet is written by Bob Komarinetz, PGA Professional Emeritus at Sandridge Golf Club and Roger Van Dyke, PGA Life Master Professional with modifications as recommended by area PGA and LPGA professionals.

It is important to note variations of this common-ground booklet are

Mentor Golf

welcome, as there is more than one way to teach or play the game. The segment on Golf Course Management features recommended ways to more effectively advance the golf ball around the golf course for lower scores. This affordable golf training will help you with all aspects of the game.

Each session requires two carts of which one will be driven by a parent. Players can alternate walking to be in compliance with golf facility rules not to exceed two people per cart.

All sessions will conclude with players being encouraged to continue working on game improvement. Mentor Golf sessions may be scheduled as many times desired.

Contact Us for Mentor Golf Fees.

Cost – $30 – Siblings – $20…..includes carts, course fees & range balls. Checks payable to the IRGF.