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WHY The Indian River Golf Foundation?

Develop your golf skills with the Indian River Golf Foundation

  1. To build a foundation for youth to excel.
  2. To develop individuals who have a foundation built on values.
  3. To create citizens who have a foundation of accountability and character.
  4. To give youth golfers the opportunity to succeed at something and to experience success.
  5. To teach children the need to understand the value of their role as Champions of Character.
  6. To provide the opportunity to learn and test leadership skills.

How Will This Be Accomplished:

  • Through the efforts of year-round programs of the Indian River Golf Foundation. For example, high school training, collegiate, professional, and community participation in IRGF events will bring new players to the game and develop players based on need while teaching life and leadership skills. We do this to set ourselves apart from other after school sports programs.
  • The Indian River Golf Foundation Board of Directors has approved a 7 Point Plan of Sustainability designed to address HOW this will be accomplished.

Feedback from the IRGF Board of Directors and community is critical to further build consensus.  The IRGF is   positioned to begin conversations with potential stakeholders/community leaders about their thoughts on the organization based upon this vision (WHY) and (HOW) we collectively see ourselves and others engaged as supporters whose values align with the IRGF.

Golf Education and Competition


The IRGF Board of Directors has accepted the recommendation of an IRGF Focus Group, which consists of area golf professionals and top amateur players from Indian River County and approved the concept of the Indian River Golf Training Center to be located on the south end of the practice range at Sandridge Golf Club. This program has begun conducting preliminary meetings with administrators of Indian River County while seeking building costs, annual operating costs, identifying staffing requirements for current and future programs. The Focus Group pointed out the youth of our community are lacking a “home-base” to meet, learn, practice and engage in more social/interactive activities under qualified adult supervision. After school sports and other programs might do this in a classroom or other facility on their campus in which meets can be conducted corresponding with what’s happening on the premise. If the school is closed for some reason the students will be on their own to deal with practice, meetings, etc. With the Indian River Golf Training Center there would be continuation of programs regardless of the weather. Perfect for those that like after school sports, this lets players still practice and enjoy the game of golf! Players, Parent Coaches, Playing Mentors, Player Cadets and Volunteers would be trained in either classroom style, one of three hitting bays with Golf Tech Training equipment, an Open-Air Pavilion featuring synthetic putting, chipping and tee mats for hitting balls out onto the practice range. All this represents a back-up to the spacious outdoor area featuring 10 golf skills stations accommodating up to 72 participants at any one time.

For additional information, contact:

Roger Van Dyke, Founder/President
Indian River Golf Foundation
PGA Life Master Professional
(772) 713-9593

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IRGF 7 Point Plan Of Sustainability

The IRGF Board of Directors has developed the IRGF Plan of Sustainability.

  1. Add new members to the Board of Directors with connections to the world of philanthropy.
  2. Create and implement a well-defined, systematic and annually repeating fundraising system which consists of grants, donations, and adult golf tournaments. The funds raised will support required operating costs as well as a means to expand the reach of the Indian River Golf Foundation and to build the Indian River Golf Training Center.
  3. Hire an Executive Director to provide IRGF Administrative & Golf Operations Skills.
    Roger Van Dyke who is the Founder & President is serving as the Executive Director.
  4. Establish an Endowment Fund to subsidize Operating Expenses
    This endowment fund has been established with the Indian River Community Foundation.
  5. Grow the Indian River Golf Alliance/Delegates Program by recruiting representatives at area golf courses in Indian River county and South Brevard to serve as a contact between the golf facility and Indian River Golf Foundation.
  6. Launch a Capital Campaign for construction of the Indian River Golf Training Center.
  7. Complete the construction of the Indian River Golf Training Center serving as “Home for Youth Golf”.
    Goal for completion: 2025