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Community Service and Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Players - Player Cadets

Do you need volunteer hours for Bright Futures or other scholarships? Want to help cultivate the next wave of youth golf pros?

The IRGF offers opportunities for high school players who assist with After School Youth Golf Programs for elementary and middle school players. These assignments entail assisting instructors with equipment set-up and to assure a safe playing atmosphere. These are either Paid Positions or opportunities for Community Service Credit Hours and Volunteer Hours based upon the needs of the high school player.

Criteria used by the IRGF to determine candidates for these positions include:

  • Participation in IRGF Activities
  • Communication Skills
  • Character
  • Leadership abilities
  • Academic Achievements

IRGF Expands Player Cadet Program

Introduction of Player Cadet Program

In 2013……the Indian River Golf Foundation introduced the opportunity for members of high school golf teams to assist in After School SNAG Golf (Starting New At Golf) training conducted at area elementary schools during the school year. This was the introduction of the IRGF Player Cadet Program. Within a couple of years, Player Cadets were assisting in After School TRADITIONAL Golf (real golf) training conducted at area golf courses. Individuals serving as Player Cadets set up equipment including IRGF logo tent, table & chairs for player check-in. They also help with various other aspects of our youth golf programs.

Compliance Guidelines

Player Cadets are not professional golfers as all activities are within the guidelines of USGA Amateur Status and also meet the approval of the Florida High School Athletic Association. Player Cadets are there to assure the youth players remain focused, play SAFE and conduct FUN challenges.

Next Phase – Player Cadet Specialists

With the introduction of the Indian River Virtual Golf Academy……the opportunities for Player Cadets have expanded. New opportunities include photography, videography, creating multimedia presentations.

During training sessions…..Player Cadets at this level are called Player Cadet Specialists who capable of pointing out at least 5 talking points of various disciplines including Safety Guidelines, Golf Skills, Rules of Golf, Fitness, Life Skills, and Leadership Skills This is done in a way to remind youth participants what either the golf instructor stated and demonstrated earlier or what they saw earlier on a YOU TUBE video. Younger players are encouraged to recite 5 talking points for each golf term or golf phrase so they too can acquire the status of Player Cadet in the future.

Player Cadet Leadership Team

By the year 2020, the IRGF realizes great value in Player Cadet Specialists stepping up to the challenge of assisting in the presentation of the 5 disciplines (curriculum):

Golf Skills      Rules of Golf     Fitness      Life Skills      Leadership Skills

To complete the IRGF education/training program, we added the Titleist Performance Institute Long Term Athlete Development Program (LTAD). This program includes:

Fundamentals of Motion Skills (early ages)

Fundamentals of Sports Skills (advancing ages), resulting in a high level of

Physical Literacy, the pathway to age appropriate Specialization in golf.

All this becomes part of the Indian River Virtual Golf Academy where members of the IRGF Player’s Club, Player Cadets and Player Cadet Specialists can advance in the game at their own pace.

Player Cadets earn either Community Service Credit Hours, Volunteer Hours, or compensation for their services. It is their choice based upon defined needs.

By 2019, over 40 former Player Cadets have played either collegiate golf, work part-time jobs at area golf facilities or have launched a career in the golf industry.

For Additional Information, Contact:

Roger Van Dyke, Founder/President
Indian River Golf Foundation
PGA Life Master Professional
(772) 713-9593

Melanie Mark, Site Director – Girls Golf
Indian River Golf Foundation
LPGA Class A Professional
(772) 913-1427

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