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After School SNAG Golf Program

One Day Per Week During the School Year From 3:30 p.m. To 4:45 p.m.

Golf Education and Competition

Description Of Program

SNAG Golf (Starting New At Golf) is a user friendly and “first touch” program to introduce golf to those new to the game. Activities follow the guide of TPC (Training – Practices – Competitions). Equipment includes two clubs (Launcher and Roller) and tennis-type balls that cling to Velcro covered targets. SNAG equipment is playground and gymnasium safe.

SNAG Golf Program – Fun, Accessible and Proven.

SNAG is an acronym for Starting New at Golf. This program is designed for both children and adults and is a rapidly growing program for golf education. Golf is a difficult sport that takes a lifetime to master. It can often be discouraging and frustrating for new players to learn on their own. 

Golf is a sport you can play for your entire life and is a great way to come together, enjoy nature, and refine your skills. Because traditional golf instruction often requires expensive equipment, a large amount of land, and safety measures, many students don’t have the opportunity to learn golf in school. SNAG solves this problem. By taking the fundamentals of golf and putting them into an engaging and accessible program, SNAG makes learning to play golf simple and fun. 

SNAG not only offers a fresh approach to learning and playing golf, but they produce a wide variety of products that complement the program and assist in learning and having fun. These tools include visual aids, training clubs, balls, and more. These tools make starting new at golf easy, fun, and accessible. 

These products are designed with progress in mind. Students will build foundations with these easy to use tools that build a foundation for growth. As students progress through the SNAG program, they will move to traditional golf equipment, building on the foundation provided by the training equipment.

The SNAG program, while excellent for children learning the game, is also very effective for adults! Velcro targets and simplified clubs might look like kids’ toys, but they are excellent tools for developing essential golf skills for students of any age. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! The SNAG program focuses on making Golf Instruction FUN! The program is also recommended by world champion golfer, Jack Nicklaus. You can be sure that you will develop skills that will translate to the course and improve your game.

Not only are these tools useful, but they are safe to use. When you’re learning the game, you’re not going to be very accurate. A bad hit could send a standard golf ball flying dangerously into windows, houses, or even people! With SNAG, our products give you the peace of mind and confidence that a mistake isn’t going to have such severe consequences.

If you’re interested in finding out more or getting started with SNAG, you’ve come to the right place. Indian River Golf Foundation in Vero Beach, FL is certified by the SNAG Association to provide lessons and training programs on the East Coast of Florida. Roger Van Dyke, the President of Indian River Golf Foundation in Vero Beach, FL is a certified SNAG Instructor. Amanda Sloop is the SNAG Golf Coordinator who is also a SNAG Certified Instructor. We offer programs for all ages. Contact us to find out more!

Objective Of The Program

The objective is to introduce students to all aspects of the game of golf including fundamentals of the golf swing, safety, playing by the rules, how to play the game while teaching life skills and good citizenship. Based upon individual focus and initiative, students will transition from SNAG equipment to sessions using traditional golf equipment.

Location: On campus with back-up room/gym in the event of inclement weather.

Times: After School during the school week (3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.) Offered in 4 sessions (one day per week) + Saturday SNAG Golf Tournaments.

Start Date: First chosen day as determined by each participating elementary school

Cost: $55 per player (siblings 1/2 price) – 4 Training Sessions + Saturday SNAG Tournament Make checks payable to: IRGF (scholarships available)

Registration: Students complete REGISTRATION FORM and submit to the Teacher/Coach

Equipment: Equipment & golf course set-up provided by IRGF. School provides equipment storage.

Instructors: PGA Professionals assisted by student and adult volunteer coaches.

Teams: 1st – 5th Grades – Interested students may participate in trainings sessions + tournaments.

Competitions: SNAG TEAM Tournaments between other Elementary School Teams are included and the season-ending SNAG Golf Championship (Sandridge Golf Club).

April – 2021

Cost: SNAG Tournament included in fees (scholarships available)

*** Teacher or Parent Supervisors/Scorers Required ***

Upon completion of the SNAG Training Program elementary school players will be invited to participate in training sessions using TRADITIONAL Golf equipment.

Ask for separate flyer for more information on TRADITIONAL Golf sessions. FALL – WINTER – SPRING

Saturday SNAG Tournaments – November  – December 2020 – February 2021

Plus the Annual Indian River SNAG Golf Championship

April – 2021

For Additional Information, Contact:

SNAG Golf And TRADITIONAL Golf After School Programs

Roger Van Dyke, President
Indian River Golf Foundation
PGA Life Master Professional
(772) 713-9593

Josh Burdick – SNAG Golf Instructor
Indian River Golf Foundation
Keiser University – School of Golf
(401) 623-7972