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Indian River Golf Foundation

Your golf education shouldn’t be limited by your location or the availability of golf facilities. With the Indian River Virtual Golf Academy, you have access to professional input 24/7.  You can access affordable golf education, golf skills and fitness training programs that fits your schedule.

Learn About Indian River Virtual Golf Academy

Quality Golf Education Network

With more top providers to choose from, guided by the Indian River Virtual Golf Academy curriculum, you have access to the experts you need to grow in the game of golf and in life, featuring 5 disciplines.

Golf Skills       Rules of Golf       Fitness       Life Skills        Leadership Skills 

Explore Our Network

On-Site Golf Training Campus Locations

Sandridge Golf Club         Sebastian Golf Course         Big Shots Golf

Indian River Club         Fairwinds Golf Course

With or without access to golf facilities, we are here in your community and ready to serve.  Talk with area PGA/LPGA/Directors of Instruction Golf Professionals, Player Agents (parents of advancing players experienced in training and competitions), Player Cadets (experienced high school and middle school players who have demonstrated a willingness to assist less experienced players.  Learn about training programs that have worked for so many others.  Speak with a representative of the Indian River Virtual Golf Academy about your interest in developing as a player.

Discover Your Direct Access


TRAIN AND STUDY ONLINE at the Indian River Virtual Golf Academy!

Elementary, Middle School, High school and college students can  learn and train with us while keeping up with their classes as a home- schooler or at school.

We offer:

– Online assistance for:

  • Golf Skills
  • Rules of Golf
  • Training Techniques
  • Life Skills
  • Course Management
  • Playing in Tournaments
  • Fitness
  • Leadership Skills

– Flexible practice and training schedules, based upon your availability.

Contact Us

Connect with us online if you want to start joining us for a fun day of golf! Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for company news and event information!

For Additional Information, Contact:

Indian River Golf Foundation

Roger Van Dyke, Founder/President
Indian River Golf Foundation
PGA Life Master Professional
(772) 713-9593

Melanie Mark, LPGA / Girls Golf
Indian River Golf Foundation
LPGA Teaching Professional
(772) 913-1427