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Private/Small Group - Golf Instruction Referrals

Golf Instructors: IRGF Player’s Club

Indian River Golf Foundation

As youth players advance in the game and set new goals in their development, they are encouraged by the IRGF Player’s Club to continue with PRIVATE and/or SMALL GROUP golf instruction.

When seeking teaching professionals who may be the best possible choice, the IRGF advises you to look at current & former After School Golf Instructors.

After School Golf Instructors:

John Vermeere
IRGF Lead Instructor
(503) 709-9485

Melanie Mark
IRGF Lead Instructor
(772) 913-1427

Roger Van Dyke
PGA Life Master Professional
(772) 713-9593

Members Of IRGF Player's Club Golf Instructors:

Bela Nagy
Sandridge Golf Club
(772) 770-5003

Steve Hanlon
John’s Island Club
(772) 231-1700

Joe Kern
The Moorings at Hawk’s Nest
VBHS Girl’s Varsity Golf Coach
(772) 633-0337

Mark Cammarene
Fairwinds GC. – VBHS Boy’s Golf Coach
(772) 473-0394

Matt Hill
Sebastian Golf Course
(772) 321-4624

Larry Hanch
Sandridge Golf Club
(772) 633-8649

Sal Spallone
Quail Valley Golf Club
(772) 559-0478

Travis Stoelting
Meadowood Country Club
(772) 332-4717

Kendall Hedgecock
Sandridge Golf Club
(772) 453-9584

James Muir
Pointe West Country Club
(561) 632-0928

Wes Lilliquist
Vero Beach Country Club
(772) 567-3320

Kim Gardner
The Moorings Club
(772) 285-0177

Note:  Remember to ask if they give Small Group Instruction in addition to Private Golf Instruction.

Please advise the IRGF if there are additional golf instructors who should be added to this list.

For Additional Information, Contact:

Roger Van Dyke, Founder/President
Indian River Golf Foundation
PGA Life Master Professional
(772) 713-9593