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Different Types Of Golf Swings

5 Different Types Of Golf Swings

There are many different types of golf swing methods that work differently depending on the person themselves. A lot of different golf instructors give information that contradicts the others. It makes sense as a whole a lot of instructors will try and teach their style. But if your golf swing feels unnatural or forced you are not alone a lot of people have this same issue. We will be going over in this passage 5 different types of golf swings.

Swing Style 1: Rotational Based Swing

The rotational-based swing uses the body’s rotation more than anything else in the swing. It generally takes a more athletic person to pull this swing off. As the body rotates through the shot the club comes flying through allowing for the clubhead to stabilize.

People who use this swing often leave no energy untapped and work on matchups to ensure the patch and the face are being controlled. There are many great qualities to this golf swing but it can be very tiring and demanding for your body.

Who Uses This Swing:

Lee Trevino, Matt Wolff

Swing Style 2: Hands And Arms Based Swing

The premise behind this swing has more of a focus on the arms and hands during the golf swing. This swing utilizes several different leverage points and the body itself is more of a stabilizing force that allows the arms and hands to work quickly. Many people that teach this swing focus a great deal on the impact. There are many different weird things you can do during the backswing but it all comes down to the impact.

Who Uses This Swing:

Jack Nicklaus, Zach Johnson

Swing Style 3: Separation Based Swing

This swing got it’s name because during this swing you focus on creating separation in the backswing by turning the shoulders, while maintaining the hips. This swing can be quite complex and takes quite a bit of flexibility.

This swing was actually the primary method of teaching in the 90s. It takes a truly athletic person that is very flexible to consistently hit this shot. While this is a good swing to learn if you are more of an experienced golfer for the most part it is suggested newer golfers should stray away from such a challenge early on in their golfing career. It can lead to a few injuries but if perfected can create quite a bit of speed.

Who Uses This Swing:

Brooks Koepka

Swing Style 4: Directing The Momentum Swing

This swing is a combination of utilizing the body and the arms as well as the hands to direct the momentum of the golf swing. This is one of the most natural golf swings due to how easy it is to understand and execute. This swing doesn’t take getting into many of the key positions that other swings typically require. It simply allows you to think about the task of ensuring the clubhead hits the ball.

Who Uses This Swing:

Justin Rose

Swing Style 5: Single Plane Swing

This swing can look funny due to the fact the hands are usually higher and the swing looks like it always stays on one plane. But the swing itself it very easy to reciprocate over and over again due to the fact it stays on one plane.

This swing is worth exploiting but is different than your typical swings. it takes full commitment in order to enable yourself to make changes to how you typically would swing.

Who Uses This Swing:

Bryson Dechambeau and Mo Norman

If you are interested in learning even more different types of golf swings then don’t hesitate to reach out today. There is a plethora to learn and it is always fun to find one that suits you. Contact us today!

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