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How The Game Of Golf Can Benefit Youth

One of the greatest things about golf is that it is a sport that you can play for your entire life. It’s a great way to get outdoors, come together as a community and refine skills. Getting the younger generations involved in the game of golf can have benefits that go beyond the physical. Golf can also benefit the social, mental and emotional aspects of youth development as well. Here at Indian River Golf Foundation, we believe in helping kids across Indian, St. Lucie, and Brevard Counties learn how to play golf and how it can be influential in their lives.

Social Benefits of Golf For Kids

Golf can be played by oneself and with other people, however, the game of golf has always been referred to as more of a social sport. People of any age can step onto the course and play, train and practice. Some of the social benefits of golf are that it:

  • Fosters Relationships: When kids join a golf training program such as the SNAG after school program at the Indian River Golf Foundation, they will be surrounded by other kids their age whom they must work together with. Whether they’re learning or simply playing together, the encouragement that comes with making great contact with the ball or striking it a long distance brings everyone together.
  • Helps Build Manners: Etiquette while playing on the course with others is a very important aspect of golf and a great lesson to be learned by youth golfers. Kids must conduct themselves respectfully and mind all of the other players that are also using the course.
  • Builds Business-like Skills: Building business skills for kids is not like the typical adult business skills. The business skills that children can learn through the game of golf are things like quick decision making, having to add and use numbers as well as having to use various strategies throughout the game.

Physical Benefits of Golf For Kids

Everyone needs physical activity, and for kids, getting any physical activity of any kind not only makes them physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well. The physical benefits of golf for kids are that it:

  • Promotes Overall Physical Fitness: Although it is a low intensity sport, getting kids involved in any exercise activity is a plus for their physical health. Playing golf can actually strengthen the core muscles and the spine.
  • Encourages Outdoor Activity: Getting kids outside can sometimes be a hassle, and with the game of golf getting outside into the fresh air is a must! Being on these beautiful courses also allows for a new appreciation for the nature around them.
  • Benefits Vision: The endless screen time that the younger generations are including in their daily routines has increased nearsightedness in kids. Getting away from the phone, computer and TV screens and playing golf outside can give the eyes a break and allow them to focus on something else for a change.

Mental and Emotional Benefits of Golf For Kids

Golf is so much more than a sport. It can provide youth, adults and all people alike with mental and emotional development skills that can benefit them throughout their child and adult lives. Some mental and emotional benefits of golf for kids are that it:

  • Teaches Honesty: Due to the laid back nature of golf, cheating is easier to do than any other sport. With that being said, this will teach kids who are learning about the sport how to be honest and do what is right.
  • Teaches Patience and Discipline: Golf can be a very slow-paced game. Players often have to wait for their turn as other competitors go before them. Learning to be patient is a skill that will be carried on for the rest of their lives.
  • Encourages Emotional Control: For lots of people, but more so kids who have undeveloped emotional control, a bad swing or shot can end up in quite the temper. By playing the game of golf, it will help the youth develop more mature reactions to those same situations.

SNAG Training At Indian River Golf Foundation

Our “Starting New at Golf,” SNAG program is designed for both children and adults and is a rapidly growing program for golf education. If you’re interested in SNAG you’ve come to the right place. Here at Indian River Golf Foundation in Vero Beach, FL we are certified by the SNAG Association to provide lessons and training programs on the East Coast of Florida. Roger Van Dyke, the President of Indian River Golf Foundation in Vero Beach, FL is a certified SNAG Instructor as well as Amanda Sloop who is the SNAG Golf Coordinator. We offer programs for people of all ages. Contact us to find out more!

Atlantic Junior Golf Tour

When competing in something such as a Junior Golf Tour, players can build confidence and improve in their own abilities. Here at the Indian River Golf Foundation, we believe that the Atlantic Junior Golf Tour has two purposes for youth.The first purpose of this tour is to provide a tournament experience for developing players. Players should be given the chance to show off the skills that they have learned through IRGF training in a real-life competitive setting. This will also help them understand what hard work and dedication can do for them. The second purpose is to build confidence, character, and leadership in all of our players. Learning golf means learning to have self-discipline. Therefore, the skills that the players will learn from golf, can be used throughout the rest of their lives.

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